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A Top Choice for Technical Analysis:
MultiCharts Review 2023

MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform with advanced market analysis, easy strategy backtesting, automated trading, precise charting, and customisable features. It equips traders with the tools needed for successful trading in today's competitive markets.

Introduction to MultiCharts

MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform designed for both day traders and long-term investors. It offers a wide range of features and tools to help traders achieve their trading goals. With high-definition charting, built-in indicators and strategies, one-click trading, precise backtesting, and automated execution, MultiCharts provides a comprehensive solution for traders in the financial markets.

Key Features of MultiCharts 14:


  • Advanced Market Analysis Features for Expert Traders

  • Self-Adaptive strategies optimise inputs while auto-trading

  • Fail-Watch predictive system warns of possible issues

  • Track backtest, forward-test, and live orders in one place

Having the right trading platform is crucial for successful trading in the stock, futures, Forex, and other financial markets. MultiCharts offers a trading software that gives traders an edge in today's competitive markets. With its robust trading strategies, accurate market data, fast order execution, and lower-than-average transaction fees, MultiCharts equips traders with the necessary tools to make informed trading decisions.

Quick and Easy Strategy Backtesting

One of the standout features of MultiCharts is its ability to easily and quickly develop and backtest trading strategies. Traders can test their strategies on historical data as if they were replaying the market. This helps ensure that the strategy is not a result of optimised curve fitting but provides a fundamental advantage. With MultiCharts, traders can gain confidence in their strategies before investing real money.

Precision and Speed with Automated Trading

Automated trading is a key advantage of MultiCharts, as it allows traders to send orders faster than a human being. Even with a winning strategy, a short delay in order execution can make a significant difference. MultiCharts enables traders to automate their trading strategies, gaining an edge over the competition.

Chart Analysis

MultiCharts places great importance on charting, recognising it as one of the most critical aspects of trading software. Traders need precise price movements to determine their next moves. MultiCharts provides flexible charting software that allows traders to adjust any part of the chart to their specific needs. With reliable and customizable charts, traders can analyse important information without any hold-ups or crashes.

Data Feeds for Anyone's Needs

MultiCharts offers a variety of data feeds to cater to traders' diverse requirements. Traders can choose the quickest or most economical data feed depending on their goals. Professionals have the option to use Bloomberg as their data feed of choice, while beginner traders can opt for Barchart as an economical data feed with good quality data. For high-frequency traders, MultiCharts supports CQG, which provides some of the fastest real-time quotes.

Brokers for your trading Style

With MultiCharts, traders have the freedom to choose from a range of trading gateways, each offering different advantages. Whether it's high-speed order filling, low prices, functional advantages, or excellent customer service, MultiCharts supports various brokers to cater to traders' specific needs. Traders can select brokers like Interactive Brokers for filling complex algorithmic orders or OANDA for top-notch customer service.

Why Choose MultiCharts

MultiCharts stands out with its features, flexibility, and commitment to following industry programming standards. The platform provides all the necessary features traders need in a trading platform, allowing them to create sophisticated strategies. With compatibility with the industry-standard EasyLanguage developed by TradeStation, MultiCharts enables traders to leverage existing studies and tap into the wealth of resources available in the EasyLanguage community.

One-Click Trading from Chart and DOM

MultiCharts offers convenient one-click trading directly from the chart and Depth of Market (DOM). Traders can take control of their trading and act quickly when they spot an opportunity. With just a click or drag-and-drop, orders can be placed on the chart, providing a simple and intuitive trading experience. MultiCharts also includes tools like Chart Trading, Trade Bar, Order and Position Tracker, Depth of Market, Forex Board, and Automation of Entries and Exits to enhance trading comfort and speed.

Chart Types and Analysis

MultiCharts provides a wide range of chart types to meet the diverse needs of traders. Whether traders prefer regular or exotic chart types, MultiCharts offers the flexibility to choose the chart that provides the desired perspective on the market. With the ability to view charts of any length and adjust chart settings to individual preferences, MultiCharts ensures traders have the necessary tools for in-depth analysis.

Customisation and Flexibility

MultiCharts understands the importance of customisation and flexibility in trading software. Traders have full control to customize the platform's appearance, from overall themes to minute details. Colors, bar spacing, zoom, margins, and various interface elements can be adjusted to focus on the important data and improve the viewing experience.

Extensive Choice of Technical Analysis Indicators and Signals

MultiCharts comes equipped with over two hundred pre-built studies, covering a wide range of technical analysis indicators and signals. Traders can access traditional and state-of-the-art studies, allowing for an in-depth market analysis. Additionally, traders have the flexibility to modify any study's code or create custom indicators and strategies from scratch, empowering them to tailor their analysis to their specific needs.

Strategy Development for Non-Programmers

MultiCharts offers PowerLanguage, an evolution of EasyLanguage, which simplifies strategy development for traders without advanced programming experience. PowerLanguage allows the creation of simple strategies without specialized education. Traders can easily understand the logic by looking at the built-in scripts and modify or create new strategies using PowerLanguage. For more complex strategies, MultiCharts supports DLL integration in any programming language.

MultiCharts - Providing Traders with Comprehensive Technical Analysis Tools

MultiCharts stands as a comprehensive and powerful trading platform, offering a multitude of features, customisation options, and compatibility with industry standards. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, MultiCharts provides the necessary tools and flexibility to meet your trading goals. From advanced market analysis features to automated trading and extensive charting capabilities, MultiCharts helps traders to make informed decisions  in today's competitive markets.

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