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🌞Forex Market update for Tuesday morning🌞

📈 **Chump Profit Morning Brief**

**Market Overview:**

Stocks declined on Tuesday as the rally in global equities lost momentum and investors expressed concerns about China's tepid post-pandemic recovery. Shares fell across major Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul. Futures for US benchmarks also slipped following a holiday closure on Wall Street. However, Australian equities managed to eke out a small gain, bucking the overall trend. The market downturn reflects growing anxiety regarding Chinese growth prospects and the absence of fresh stimulus measures from Beijing. Chinese property companies experienced significant declines after banks' lending rate cuts fell short of expectations, with the 10-basis points reduction to the five-year rate coming in below projections.

**Currency Movements:**

The yen exhibited fluctuations after earlier weakening against the dollar, influenced by Japan's loose monetary policy. The yuan also weakened slightly, extending its declines for a third consecutive day. Additionally, the Australian dollar dropped 0.7% following the release of minutes from the central bank's latest decision, which unexpectedly resulted in a rate hike. The minutes indicated that the case for future rate movements is finely balanced.

**Japan's Currency Policy:**

Japan's Finance Minister, Shunichi Suzuki, stated that the removal of Japan from the United States' monitoring list would not immediately prompt a change in the country's currency policy. Suzuki emphasized the need for continued close communication with the United States and other nations. The U.S. Treasury recently concluded that no major U.S. trading partners manipulated their currencies for export advantage, leading to the removal of Japan from the list. However, the Treasury designated Switzerland, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore as remaining on the monitoring list.

**Market Sentiment:**

Short-term yields on Australian government bonds reversed their direction and fell subsequent to the release of the central bank minutes. In the United States, Treasury yields rose after a break from trading on Monday. Traders in the U.S. market are currently torn between the allure of the ongoing rally and concerns that the market may be overbought and exhausted. The uncertainty surrounding the path of Federal Reserve interest rates adds to the conflicting sentiments. Analysts note the varying narratives across different regions, particularly regarding inflation, post-Covid recovery, and the implications for monetary and fiscal policies.

**Upcoming Events:**

1. **US housing starts - Tuesday:** The US housing starts data release will provide insights into the health of the housing market, which has been a key driver of the US economy. Strong data could boost investor confidence in the housing sector and related industries.

**Trading Opportunity:** Consider monitoring homebuilder stocks, construction material suppliers, and mortgage lenders for potential trading opportunities. Strong housing starts data could lead to positive price movements in these sectors.

2. **Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard speaks - Tuesday:** Bullard's speech could provide further indications of the Fed's stance on monetary policy and interest rates. Investors will be keen to analyse any hints regarding future rate hikes or the central bank's view on inflation.

**Trading Opportunity:** Monitor the US dollar and interest rate-sensitive assets such as bonds and equities for potential reactions to Bullard's comments. Any unexpected statements could impact market sentiment and create trading opportunities.

3. **New York Fed President John Williams speaks - Tuesday:** Williams' speech will be closely watched for insights into the economic outlook, inflation expectations, and monetary policy. Traders will assess his comments to gauge the potential direction of interest rates and the Fed's stance on economic recovery.

**Trading Opportunity:** Pay attention to interest rate-sensitive assets, such as currencies, bonds, and financial stocks, as Williams' remarks may impact market expectations. Look for potential trading opportunities based on shifts in sentiment.

4. **Fed Chair Jerome Powell's semi-annual report to Congress - Wednesday:** Powell's testimony before Congress will provide a comprehensive overview of the Fed's policy outlook, including its assessment of economic conditions, inflation, and potential rate hikes.

**Trading Opportunity:** Expect increased market volatility during Powell's testimony, particularly in currency pairs involving the US dollar, as well as stock indices and interest rate-sensitive assets. Monitor his remarks closely for potential trading opportunities and assess the impact on market sentiment.

This brief provides a snapshot of the latest market developments and potential trading opportunities. Stay tuned for further updates throughout the day.

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