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Chump Forms Strategic Partnership with FP Markets to Accelerate Growth and Enhance Market Presence

Introducing the Ultimate Winning Team: Chump Profits and FP Markets! Are you ready to conquer the world of trading and maximize your profits? At Chump Profits, we understand the challenges you face in this volatile industry. That's why we've partnered with FP Markets, a global brokerage that has consistently proven its excellence and reliability. Get ready to seize the benefits that await you! We are thrilled to announce that FP Markets has achieved a remarkable hat-trick of awards at the esteemed 2022 Global Forex Awards. Their unrivalled success speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering exceptional trading experiences. With FP Markets by your side, you can trust that you're making the right choice for your trading journey. So, what sets FP Markets apart from the rest?

  1. Best Global Value Broker 2022: For an unprecedented 4th consecutive year, FP Markets has been recognized as the "Best Global Value Broker." This prestigious accolade highlights their unwavering dedication to providing clients with the ultimate trading experience.

  2. Best Forex Partners Programme in Asia 2022: FP Markets also claimed the award for "Best Forex Partners Programme" in Asia, demonstrating their ability to foster successful partnerships and support traders in the region. They go above and beyond to empower their partners and create mutually beneficial relationships.

  3. Best Forex Broker in Europe 2022: Further solidifying their position as an industry leader, FP Markets was honoured as the "Best Forex Broker" in Europe. This achievement showcases their commitment to delivering excellence on a global scale.

The Global Forex Awards 2022, held at the glamorous Marina in Limassol, Cyprus, brought together the best of the best in the industry. FP Markets stood out among fierce competition with their cutting-edge technology, comprehensive market research tools, superior educational programs, and world-class customer service. Craig Allison, FP Markets' Head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, expressed his gratitude for these prestigious awards. He emphasized the brokerage's consistent commitment to providing clients with competitive pricing, fast execution, market-leading technology, and an outstanding customer experience. FP Markets' global team works tirelessly to ensure you receive nothing short of the ultimate trading experience. When you join FP Markets, you gain access to over 10,000 trading instruments, including CFDs across Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies. With eight platforms at your disposal, including MT4, MT5, and Iress, you'll have the tools and flexibility you need to thrive. FP Markets understands that tight spreads, fast executions, cutting-edge platforms, a wide product range, and top-notch customer support are the recipe for success in this industry. With more than 17 years of industry experience, FP Markets is an Australian Regulated global Forex Broker you can trust. Their highly competitive interbank Forex spreads, starting from 0.0 pips, and leverage up to 500:1 on their pro account, ensure you have the best trading conditions at your fingertips. Furthermore, their exceptional 24/7 multilingual service has earned them the highest overall client satisfaction award for five consecutive years, as recognized by Investment Trends. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the winning team! FP Markets has consistently proven its worth, earning numerous prestigious awards, including the "Global Forex Value Broker" for four consecutive years and the "Best Forex Trading Experience in the EU" at the Global Forex Awards 2021. They were also honoured with the "Best Trade Execution" award at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022. Experience the power of FP Markets combined with Chump Profits' expert signals, delivered straight to your phone. Join us today and unlock the path to profitable trading. Success awaits!

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