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XE Money Transfer Review:
Your Go-To for Secure and Affordable International Transfers

Every day, people across the globe send money to family, friends, or business associates for various reasons. Whether it's covering overseas expenses, supporting loved ones abroad, or making international investments, finding a reliable money transfer provider is crucial.


That's where XE Money Transfer comes into play. With their impressive track record, XE is a name you can trust in the world of international currency exchange. Champ Profit has teamed up with XE to give you a one stop shop for all your currency exchange and money transfer needs. 

Introducing XE: A Currency Authority Since 1993

XE, founded in 1993, is part of Euronet Worldwide, a global provider of electronic and transaction processing solutions.

  • XE offers a comprehensive range of currency services, including:

  • Quick, easy, and secure money transfers for individuals and businesses.


  • Live exchange rates through the Currency Converter.


  • Market analysis to help you make informed decisions.


  • Currency Data API for businesses with specific data requirements.


  • XE takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide these services through their user-friendly website and mobile app.


  • Additionally, they offer dedicated phone support from a team of currency experts.

Why we Choose XE

Look at the numbers

  • Over 285 million site visitors annually.


  • More than 60 million XE app downloads.


  • Trusted by 100,000+ customers and 20,000+ business clients in 100 industry sectors.


  • Access to 98+ currencies for transfers to 130+ countries.


  • A legacy of 25+ years in the currency business.


  • Initiate transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Send Money with XE

1. Create Account

It takes just a few minutes. All XE need is your email address and some additional information.

2. Instant Quote

Get a live bank-beating money transfer rate for your chosen currency. 

3. Confirm & Send

Check the currencies, amount and recipient are correct. Send XE the funds and they do the rest.

XE Transfer Rates.png

Why XE Stands Out:

Fast, Secure, and Cost-Effective Transfers

  • Fast & Easy: With XE, you can send money and manage your account online 24/7, eliminating the need to visit a bank or wait for business hours. All you require is an internet connection.


  • Security: XE prioritises the safety of your money and personal information, employing bank-grade security measures to protect your assets.


  • Regulation: XE Money Transfer holds regulatory approvals in every country they operate in, including FinCen in the USA, the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia, and the FMA in New Zealand.


  • Cost-Effective: XE offers competitive exchange rates and low fees, ensuring transparency in your transactions.

Award Winning Service

XE has been recognised with the 2021 and 2022 Canstar International Money Transfers Outstanding Value Award

It is highly recognised for:

  • Best exchange rates.

  • Low to no fees.

  • Savings for customers.

Out of 21 international money transfer service providers, XE was one of only five companies awarded.


Canstar commended XE for its transparent exchange rates, global accessibility, and excellent customer support.


A Variety of Money Transfer Options

XE caters to different transfer needs with various options, including:

  • Spot Transfers: Transfer funds immediately at the current rate.


  • Forward Contracts: Lock in today's rate and choose a future date for your transfer.


  • Market Orders: Set a target exchange rate, and XE will execute the transfer once the rate is reached.

For those not needing an immediate transfer, XE allows you to set up Rate Alerts.


Choose your preferred currencies and ideal rates, and XE will monitor the markets and notify you when the rate is met.

Sending Money with XE: Simple and Efficient

The sign up process is quick and easy. You can create an account online or over the phone, free of charge.

  • Get a Quote: Enter the transfer details, recipient information, and desired currencies.


  • Confirm & Send: Agree to the transaction, and send the funds through bank transfer, card payment, or direct debit.


  • Track: Monitor the progress of your transaction online or via the app, with email notifications at each step.


Where Can You Send Money with XE?

XE allows you to send money to and from a wide range of countries. For a complete list, visit their website.

Key Details to Remember:

  • Typical transfer times range from 1-4 business days, with some currencies transferring in minutes.

  • There is no minimum transfer amount, and XE can assist with larger transfers.

  • Payment methods may vary by country, so contact XE for assistance if you have questions.

Need to Make Business Payments?

Ideal for Digital Nomads and Freelancers

XE is also provides competitive exchange rates, which can be particularly advantageous if you're working abroad or have international clients.


Better rates mean more value for your money when converting currencies, which can impact your profit margins positively.


Ready to Get Started?

Signing up for an XE account takes just a few minutes

And can save you time and money on your international money transfers.


Join the millions who trust XE for their currency exchange needs.

Reviewed by 62,000+ Verified Customers on Trust Pilot

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